Local government leaders regularly face challenges such as improving service quality, cost containment, local economic development and environmental sustainability.

With much service delivery sub-contracted innovation in procurement is a key issue. Councils that learn how to foster and manage innovation in a disciplined way create better paths to better results.

We adapted our innovation metrics for local government in 2009 and trialled a workshop with executives of the newly formed Bedfordshire Council in the UK.

The workshop software has since been enhanced and licensed to the Innovation Unit in the UK for use in other Councils.


Local Government Innovation Review
The LG Innovation Review is an exercise for the leadership team in a Council or Council Department. The exercise uses a facilitated online assessment where the process of discussion and debate is as important as the report, generated during the exercise. The report gives you a strategic snapshot showing how your innovation management capabilities compare with broader (Foundation) capabilities, and recommendations on priority innovation areas and better innovation management. It’s like a map for harnessing innovation to improve performance.

Download Local Government Innovation Review Workshop pdf 311kb