Disciplined Innovation welcomes enquiries regarding workshops addressing the core of innovation, that is, the process of finding, creating and applying knowledge and ideas to create value. The workshops address innovation across products, services, processes, policies and business/organisational designs. They also encompasses research, concept and idea based innovation.


Disciplined Innovation is led by Darryl Bubner, a thought leader in the field of innovation metrics. Darryl has made significant contributions to how we understand innovation over the last fifteen years. He was the first to tease out how innovation differs from other improvement paths and to develop web based tools for measuring how well companies manage innovation. Darryl is available to consult to you.

Metrics Platform

Conceptualising and measuring innovation is challenging and complex. We know because we spent over three years researching, developing and testing our metrics before we took them to the market.


We license our tools to associations and government. We welcome your call.